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Structural Design

Archadeo undertakes Reinforced concrete structural designing – analytical, precursory and detailed design projects under the expertise of our well-trained and experienced engineers. Our offerings include expert structural design services with the option of pre-design where we provide details to Project Designers & Architects for developing structural concepts. This is a great step that’s helps with the integration of architectural and functional requirements with appropriate structural system.

Our team goes the extra length to ensure that the structural analysis performed conforms to your requirements and structural standards. All throughout the project stages, a steady and transparent a communication plan will be followed to ensure consistent, repeatable and high quality performance on all such projects, now and in the future.

Structural Design

At the end of the collaboration with Archadeo, you will have seamless flow of information in drawings and graphics of complete structural detail drawings, layout of plans, elevation, section and legends in the preferred formats as per requirements.
The overall goal of Archadeo Structural Designing team is to be able to design reinforced concrete structures that are:

  • Safe​
  • Economical ​
  • Efficient

Reinforced concrete is one of the principal building materials used in engineered structures because:

  • Low cost
  • Weathering and fire
  • resistance
  • Good
  • compressive
  • strength
  • Formability
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Architectural Design

The experienced architects of the Architectural design team at Archadeo are at your disposal to work on in design and construction projects of industrial facilities and residential and commercial buildings. We undertake projects of all design phases, and committed to follow through the project from initial sketches to complete technical documentation and details necessary for construction phase. Building contemporary, energy-efficient and cost-effective architecture is our passion and Archadeo is always
excited to work with you to give shape to your vision through drawings.

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Interior Designing

Archadeo Interior Designing services strive to create spaces that are a combination of functionality and aesthetics, customized to reflect your dreams and designed for convenience. We specialize in homeinterior designs and  décor that suits your lifestyle in an affordable way. From uptown sophisticated home décor to minimalist space-saving to lavish extravagant ideas – we help you find the right interior style and design that suits your space and personality.

Archadeo is a pioneer in developing well designed spaces that brings the occupants a sense of happiness and contentment. Every space is analyzed for its space availability and client requirements before proceeding to create interior concepts suitable for the space. We also undertake flooring, painting, false ceiling, installation as part of interior design works.

Interior Designing
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Building Construction

The secret of Archadeo successful building construction projects is the complete transparency of approach with no hidden costs, use of the best materials, and timely completion. We make sure to thoroughly discuss clients’ plans and ideas with the architects and designers and incorporate the insights into the plans and schedule. From agreement to drawing up a quotation, approval of the numbers to commencing of work, to supervising the development to final handover of the project; you’ll have the best team working on every aspect of your project leading to successful completion on time.

Standard Stages of Construction​

Building Construction
  • Planning and pre-construction period​
  • Site Prep and Floor Slab​
  • Frame and Roofing​
  • External finishes​
  • Windows and doors installation​
  • Wiring and plumbing​
  • Interiors​
  • Carpentry​
  • Completion of Miscellaneous tasks​
  • Handover
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Sometimes renovation of a place breathes new life making it as good as a newly erected structure. It is not an easy task but one that should be carried out in various stages, demands constant progress tracking and monitoring. Archadeo Renovation stages includes – inspection and estimation, quotation approval, design and finalize structural changes, booking and finalizing schedules, procurement of raw materials, fixing the team of supervisors and labourers, execution & monitoring, and handover.

Renovation projects

  • Full home renovation
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Flooring
  • Building additional connected structures
  • Traditional home Makeovers
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